Reflections on the Week That Was 3

November 22, 2009 at 4:50 am (Weekly Review) (, )

Another exciting, if ridiculously hot, week over and this one was fantastic for me.  I finally finished the rewrites and revisions of my novel (for the time being, there are sure to be more coming) and I’ve had the pleasure of reading some fantastic writing advice.  I look forward to what the next week is going to bring me.

The Recommended Read:

Jonathan Danz shares his advice on Writing Magic In Fantasy Fiction – not so useful to non-fantasy writer’s, but a must read for anyone writing fantasy as it includes some great links and great advice.

Posts from my blog this week:

Magic in Fantasy – why I love magic and why I know my current WIP is not magical.

10 Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Movies (stay tuned, next week I tell you why movies are better than books).

I share my top ‘This Is Not Editing‘ moments.

The poll results are finally in – Avoiding Writer’s Block

From the Book Shelf – Discussion about John Marsden’s Tomorrow, When the War Began.

Who says stereotypes are bad? Discussion about the use of stereotypes for character creation.

Posts I found useful:

Kathleen Noud shared her advice on Making Action Scenes Matter (technically this was last week but this is when I found it).

Eliza Wyatt asks why novels don’t have pictures in Silly Children – Pictures Are For Grown-Ups.

Pat Bertram shares his thoughts.  What do you do when you have too much background information?

Wise Sloth gives us four simple formula plot templates.

Lee on Angry Robot provides some tips to the being Pitch Perfect.

Scifialien discusses the importance of defining your audience in Name That Audience.

Carolyn Hayes Uber shares some insight on copyright in The Non-Case of the Stolen Manuscript.

As always, feel free to add links if you’ve found some great sites this week.



  1. Jonathan said,

    Thanks for the plug and all the great links! I sure appreciate it. Sorry I didn’t get over here sooner.

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