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December 21, 2009 at 5:27 am (Author Info, Thoughts on Writing) (, )

Yes, it is my birthday today.  Yay me.  I managed to get through another year.

I’m starting to think about the list of things I wanted to accomplish in ten years that I wrote when I was in my final year of high school (eight years ago now).  I wanted to live in another country, even if only for a little bit.  First year out of school I went overseas on student exchange for the year before returning to Aus to go to university.  I wanted to be a teacher which I am.  I wanted to write and I do.  I am writing and I am working toward being published.  Maybe it is almost time for me to think about what I want for the next ten years.

I really believe the important thing with goal setting is to make sure you are capable of accomplishing the things you put on your list.  That means, your goals can’t be dependent on other people.  I put down that I wanted to write, not that I wanted to be published, because writing I can do just by putting my mind to it.  Being published requires the a publisher to like your work, the market to be right for your work, and a whole stack of things you have no control over.

My goals as far as writing for the next ten years (other than being published) would be:

  • write better grammatically
  • be more consistent in my writing habits
  • read more frequently
  • tackle some writing outside of the fantasy genre

My birthday also marks the beginning of the Christmas lead up and for the next few days I’ll be out and about visiting family so just a few thoughts:

1.  Merry Christmas to everyone who visits the blog and I hope you have a fabulous holiday.

2.  I will post my next post on the 26th of December.

3.  I hope that those of you who are writing are successful and that those of you who are taking a short break over Christmas feel rested.  Mostly I would like to hope that everyone can get what they want out of the next few weeks.



  1. Corra McFeydon said,

    I’ve been thinking about goals as well, though I’m considering just the next year rather than the next decade. What surprises me is that my goals center on reading, which can indirectly influence writing. (As opposed to directly focusing on writing goals.)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday. 🙂

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      Thanks and I know I’ve recently been thinking about how slack I’ve been getting with my reading and I’m looking forward to my attempt at the 100+ reading challenge.

  2. J.C said,

    Happy Birthday! So many December birthdays among the writers I know it seems, definitely a good month to be born in 😉 Hope you have a lovely Christmas too!

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      December seems like the month of endless celebrations – not that anyone would complain about that. Thanks for the comment.

  3. sapphireangelkj said,

    Happy birthday Cassandra, I hope you have had a brilliant day. on another note, all the best for the goals you have set. Good luck for the next decade. Merry Christmas And have a happy and safe new year.

    Best wishes today and always 🙂


    • Cassandra Jade said,

      Birthdays are always brilliant days as long as you approach them as such. Thanks for the best wishes and wishing you a merry christmas.

  4. Fiona Skye said,

    Merry Birthday and Happy Christmas!

    I like what you said about making goals that are not dependent upon other people. I think I may need to amend my goals for 2010.

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      I just don’t like not reaching a target I set myself so I try to make my goals achievable – some people might see that as not aiming high enough but I disagree. Merry Christmas.

  5. Jessica Rosen said,

    Happy happy! (albeit belated) I hope it was a special day for you.

    You’ve made some terrific goals, long and short term. I think that’s the best way to do it. Rather like writing a novel, now that I think about it. Setting major arcs and the smaller ones that make them happen. That or I’ve got editing too much on my mind.

    In any case, I wish you a joyous holiday season and a 2010 full of achievement.

    Take care,
    Jessica Rosen

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      Definitely need to set short and long term goals with writing novels otherwsie the project can overwhelm you or get bogged down. Thanks for your comment and have a good holiday.

  6. Elizabeth Spann Craig said,

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

    Sounds like some great goals. Hope you’ll have a happy and successful year.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      Thanks for the good wishes and good luck with the holidays and next year.

  7. Juliet Boyd said,

    Have a Happy Birthday (it’s probably over now with the time difference – oh well, better late than never).

    I think most of us would do well to follow your four goals, substituting their own genre of course.

    Have a great Christmas.

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      Given the number of family and friends I’ll be seeing over the next week I’ll still be ‘celebrating’ birthday and Christmas days from now so with my birthday there is no such thing as late. Have a great christmas.

  8. Carol Kilgore said,

    Good goals, Cassandra. Merry Christmas to you!

  9. Jane Kennedy Sutton said,

    You’ve done a great job on reaching your goals.

    Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and Merry Christmas!

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      The problem with reaching goals is you then have to think about what comes next.
      Thanks for the comment and have a great christmas.

  10. Paul Greci said,

    Happy birthday to you.

    Your goals and discussion of them are a great reminder to remember what we do and don’t have control over as writers. Thanks!

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      I hate admitting there are things I can’t control but that’s life. Take control over everything you can and everything else is for someone else to worry about. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Kimberly Davis said,

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Cassandra. Thank you for the post on Goals. I need to set some myself. Cheers!

  12. Tooty Nolan said,

    How right you were to say ‘write’, and not ‘publish’. I never wanted to go the self-publishing route, and never would have had it not been for But had I not – then it’s pretty much certain that those enlightened folk in Japan, India, and the USA wouldn’t have a copy of my one of my books on their shelf. Maybe you could give it a try?

  13. Helen Ginger said,

    I like your rule about goals – that they not be dependent on others.

    Oh, Happy Birthday to a fellow Sagittarius. And Merry Christmas.

    Straight From Hel

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