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So I am back and only a day after I hoped to get internet access so that wasn’t too bad.  I felt really out of touch though.  The move went well and most of the boxes have been unpacked.  Almost nothing was broken and I haven’t had too much trouble finding things.  I also made a good start on the 100+ Reading Challenge and in the absence of any blogs I’m going to do a brief reflection on the reading I’ve done this week.

1.  Into the Void by Nigel Finley – It was part two of a series and it turns out I’ve read the book that comes after this.  Like most series it spends the first five chapters giving repeated references to events in the previous book however this one is particularly annoying because in those first five chapters I was told five different ways how Teldin came by the cloak as he explained it to five other characters.  Once they finally got over that the book was not bad.  The characters were interesting enough, though the protagonist (Teldin) really bugged me and his decision making process was terribly flawed which made me want to insult him at every turn.  Plus the double cross at the end could have been guessed by someone only skimming the book so it wasn’t really surprising.  Still, not too bad a read.  There is momentum in this story even if all the individual pieces are annoying.

2.  Darkness Falls by Margaret Murphy – Confusing.  Possibly because I was reading this after my house was packed up and I was stressed and tired but the jumps between scenes frequently lost me and overall I just didn’t care enough about our main character to really care whether she was ever found or not.  As a non fantasy it was going to have to work hard to grab me and it just didn’t.

3.  Toreador by Stewart Wieck – First part of a series only they don’t mention it doesn’t even begin to finish.  This whole book feels like an opening sequence and then it stops.  Annoying to say the least.  Plus, the vampire clans are boring when described to you as opposed to playing the game and getting to be one of the clans and interact with the others.  The multiple perspectives really drags this book down because the replays aren’t interesting enough and not enough new information is given to make them worth while.  Plus, most of the reveals are information you’ve already inferred so it makes you feel like they are talking down to you and assuming you can’t put two and two together to make 4.

4.  Justice by Faye Kellerman – One of the few non-fantasy authors I am a real fan of, I hated this book.  She jumps from third person to first person and it is jarring to the flow, unnecessary and really quite confusing at times.  The crime and investigation was just not as interesting as other books in this series and overall, I was very disappointed.  Plus, the family concerns took a definite back seat.  There was a story going on and it could have been interesting but it was sidelined constantly to the point where it was all but disappeared and then reappeared once everything else was wrapped up.

4 down and only 96 to go.  I don’t think I’m going to get there but I’ve had fun this week just enjoying the act of reading.

Thanks everyone for your support during my move and the blog will be back to normal next week.



  1. Jemi Fraser said,

    It’s so disappointing when a book just doesn’t live up to your expectations. Hope the next ones are better!! 🙂 Glad the move went well!

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      Thanks and I wish I could say the next book was better but it is also destined to disappoint.

  2. Corra McFeydon said,

    Welcome back!

    You’re a fast reader. And I was getting cocky over almost finishing one. 🙂

    from the desk of a writer

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      Lack of internet, television or anything else while in transit meant that the entertainment of choice has been sticking my nose in a book. Now that everything is out of boxes again I am anticiating my next few books to take substantially longer to read.

  3. Margot Kinberg said,

    Cassandra – I’m so glad you’re settled in. Moves are so stressful and exhausting, aren’t they? It sounds as though you weren’t impressed with the reading you did – sorry to hear that. Isn’t it the worst when a book turns out to be a disappointment.

    • Cassandra Jade said,

      Unfortunately that is what happens when you keep shuffling books to the bottom of the pile. Eventually you read a whole pile in a row that just aren’t what you had in mind. Oh well. Once I clear the stack I can start buying some of the books I’ve been adding to my read list over the last year.

  4. cocoabrown said,

    I love your honesty! If I ask real nice, will you review my book?

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