Call For Writers 2

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Okay – the poll results are in and the question that 50% of the voters wanted answered was… imagine a drum roll, it adds to the suspense:

What is the most important element of a novel to you and why?

As such, I am now calling for all the writers out there (published and unpublished) to have a go at answering this question and share their thoughts.  If you would like to participate in this it is really, really easy.

  1. Write a response to the question above (aiming for about 250 words for the response).
  2. Write a brief bio for yourself.
  3. Send me an email with your response, a picture of yourself (optional), a brief bio and a link to your blog (if you have one) before February 10.  Email address is (at)  Please do not spam me.
  4. Visit the blog from February 15 and read the wonderful responses and join in the conversation that follows.

Step 5 would be good too – share this information with everyone else so that we get many participants and many comments.

For those who participated in the last call for writers, I hope you respond again because I look forward to your responses.  For those new to reading the blog, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

To recap – Novel Element Series is running from Feb 15 and I am hoping to be able to run it over the week (depending on the number of responses).  If you would like to contribute, email me your response before Feb 10.  Looking forward to seeing the responses and if you wanted a different question answered keep your eyes open for the third call to writers that will happen sometime after February.



  1. Corra McFeydon said,

    Thanks for doing this, Cassandr. It will be interesting to read the responses. 🙂

    ~ Corra

    from the desk of a writer

  2. catwoods said,

    Sounds like a great project. Thanks for putting in the time to the benefit of us all. Twittering it now.

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  4. Cassandra Jade said,

    Thanks everyone and I’m really looking forward to reading the responses to this question.

  5. Jemi Fraser said,

    Sounds fun!

  6. David J. West said,

    I shall ponder upon it with great depth and longing.

  7. Steve said,

    Hey Cassandra –

    Shot you an email with some thoughts. Hope it helps. Thanks again for all your insights!


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  9. Joanna (rodmanstreet) said,

    Oooh, interesting! I may have to think about this one…

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