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Once again I’ve been away.  For the first few days I was not feeling well and I thought, I’ll get back online in a couple of days.  Then came the rain.  And it rained.  And it rained.  And it rained everywhere, not just where I was.  Then the water came.  One day the town was covered in soggy red sand and everyone was going about their business and the next, within the space of an hour, over half the town was underwater.

The Main Road

That is the main road of the town, less than two hours after the first warning of actual flooding was given.  There had been rumblings for days about a potential flood but the first we were told there was actual going to be a flood was when the water tore through the town.

Things have been a bit hectic since then.  I am one of the lucky ones as I live in a reasonably high area and I did not get water in my house.  I was however on the wrong side of the water from my house at the time of the flood.  There are so many people still trying to clean up and still trying to really figure out how much damage was done and everyone is still trying to help out everyone else as much as they can.

Still, some sense of normalcy is returning and I am trying to get back into a rhythm and hopefully that means back into keeping the blog regularly. I know I was supposed to post the novel elements series and I still have the responses people sent me and I will post that series, it just might be a few weeks before I put it together.

I know there is a lot of bad weather around, not just in Australia, and I hope everyone is safe and taking care of themselves.



  1. AlexJ said,

    Cassandra, I am so sorry! I’m glad you don’t have damage, but that is terrible.

  2. Kimberly Loomis said,

    Wow! Glad you’re okay! Hope everything settles out (and dries out) soon.

  3. Jemi Fraser said,

    Yikes! That is a LOT of water!! I’m glad you and your house are okay. It’s amazing how people band together in a crisis like this. Good luck with it all and take care of yourself.

  4. Little Scribbler said,

    Glad you and your house are alright. I was beginning to guess that you had been affected by the floods.

  5. Carol J. Garvin said,

    Here in western Canada we’re saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring with unusually warm sunshine, and, because we didn’t have much snow during the winter, we’ll likely have to worry more about drought than flooding. The extremes of weather are a hardship to so many people! I’m glad your house was spared and I hope life for everyone else will soon return to normal.

  6. Barb said,

    I was kind of worried about your absence, but I’m not very good at keeping up with world news… (also because my other Aussie pals didn’t mention bad weather)
    Glad to have you back!

  7. Sapphira said,

    Poor Cassandra. Sorry to hear that. Hope your back to word pressing soon

  8. Carol Kilgore said,

    I’m so glad you are all right. Flash floods happen in our area of Texas, too. As you describe, they come without warning as the water builds. Here we have seasonal or dry creeks, many with no bridges, that are known as low water crossings. Those flood first and usually keep the water away from other areas. But not always. Take care of yourself. We’ll all still be here. Your town looks nice – what I see above the water.

  9. catwoods said,

    Take care, Cassandra. It looks like you have a lot on your plate right now. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. AlexJ said,

    Cassandra, hadn’t heard from you in a while – hope you are all right!

  11. ellsea said,

    ((hugs)) – that’s terrible – I’m glad you’re OK, but what an awful thing to have happen without warning. Hope your community is back on its feet soon, and that you’re back to some sort of normal soon, too.

  12. Jane Kennedy Sutton said,

    That has to be a scary experience. Glad you house was spared. Hope your town and your life returns to a normal rhythm soon.

  13. JackieS said,

    And you’d only just moved! Lucky everything turned out alright.

    On other matters, I subscribe to this blog and receive an email whenever there’s a new post. I’m not sure if it’s happened to anyone else, but I received an email notifying me of a post discussing your upcoming book but when I came to the blog to make a comment, the post was non-existent. And this was probably no more than 5 minutes after I received the email. Even trying to access the post without going through the email, it doesn’t appear. If you didn’t remove it, then I thought you should know.

    Good luck with the book,


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