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Useful, or maybe just interesting. I’ve been finding some great blogs recently and really want to share all of them but have limited myself to those that I think will be most helpful.

I think anyone thinking about self-publishing should check out Stephen Tremp’s blog, Breakthrough Blogs.  He’s been keeping us up to date on his publishing journey and the steps it ahs taken.  You may need to go through a few posts but there is some excellent information to be found.

Margot Kinberg on Confessions of a Mystery Novelist has an interesting post discussing development of characters and the changes they make with age. Some of her examples are quite interesting and the discussion that follows was well worth the read.

Martin Edwards on Do You Write Under Your Own Name discusses the authenticity and whether it is always necessary. Some interesting points made here.

The blog Plot to Punctuation has a great post, Seven Ways to Show Character Growth.  Fantastic ideas to explore.

From JannaTWrites Blog, Writer’s are Like Superman.  Gave me a smile.

Cheryl Angst discusses the Top 3 Things she focuses on while writing.

Always a Writer asks you what you promise the reader. This one got me thinking.

Then, just because it is my blog, I’m throwing in a link to the excerpt from Death’s Daughter.

As usual, if you have a link you think will be helpful, please add it in your comment but try to make sure it is writing related and not spam.  Wishing everyone the best.



  1. Mason Canyon said,

    Sounds like some great links here. I’m off to check them out. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Anna said,

    I’ve already checked out the first link. On to check out the rest! Thanks for posting!

  3. AlexJ said,

    Excellent links!

  4. David said,

    Some very good links. Thanks.

  5. Paul Greci said,

    Thanks for the links. A few of them I had already read.
    I took a workshop several years ago with Jeanette Ingold and she asked that question: What is the story you are promising to tell?
    So, I’m off to check out Always a writer.

  6. milkfever said,

    Thanks once again for the helpful info. Will check them out.

  7. Dr. Tom Bibey said,

    I am posting my true story on how I found my Lit agent. Part three will go up in the morning.

    Dr. B

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