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September 14, 2010 at 5:44 am (September Blog Tour) (, , , )

Hi all, I’m over on Mason’s blog, Thoughts In Progress today. Hop on over and have a look. If you’ve missed any of the stops on the tour the links are below.

September Tour So Far:

September 1st – Working my Muse

September 2nd – Misanthropolgy 101

September 4th – Like a Bowl of Oranges

September 7th – Sonya Clark

September 9th – The Rhapsodist

September 12th – Diamond – Yup, Like the Stone

September 13th – Alex J Cavanaugh

September 14th – Thoughts in Progress

And now that you are all caught up, remember I’ll be over on Carol’s blog tomorrow and she’ll be popping in here.

Still a lot of stops to go.



  1. Talli Roland said,

    You’re getting around! : ) I’ll stop by Mason’s to say hi.

  2. Carol Ann Hoel said,

    I stopped by Thoughts in Progress first today. I was very intrigued by your description of the protagonist in Death’s Daughter, that she did whatever she did out of self-interest. I totally agree with you that many, and at times, all people are chiefly motivated by self-interest. Variance from this natural motivation happens when people experience and act out of love. Kudos to you for being a published author, Casandra. I enjoyed your post on the subject of ideas. Your tour has been educational and helpful in many ways to writers.

  3. Hannah Kincade said,

    I will hop on over there and take a look!! You sure are getting around! 😀

  4. AlexJCavanaugh said,

    I visited this morning! Happy to host you on the tour, Cassandra.

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